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Water Loss

With water losses the key to saving electronics is to get the equipment out of the high humidity as quickly as possible.  The mixture of high humidity and oxygen causes severe corrosion if not stabilized within 48 hours.  When electronics are effected by water it’s often common logic to use dehumidifiers to aid in drying but this is actually one of the worst things you can do. And if your electronics are submerged in water, it’s actually better for them to stay submerged.  If you experience water damage, call LCR Restoration.

Fire Loss

After a fire, smoke and soot damage to electronics can be catastrophic. In fact, it’s very difficult for an adjuster to look at an electronic component covered in soot and see it as salvageable. However, if the component isn’t melted, it’s likely salvageable. LCR Restoration is uniquely equipped to not only repair fire and smoke effected electronics but to restore them to pre peril condition – and back up their work with a 2-year warranty! So before you mark it as a loss, call LCR Restoration.

Electrical Loss

Power surges and other electrical perils can happen anywhere and at anytime.  Usually a result of lightning, electrical perils can also be from man-made causes as well.  What ever the cause, LCR Restoration analyzes and diagnoses the exact cause of damage, down to the component level, and determines the best solution for repairing and restoring the items back to pre peril condition, guaranteed. Did you know that repairing and restoring electronics saves insurance companies an average of 52% per claim over the cost of replacement?


LCR Restoration helps to protect insurance carriers from potential fraud by determining the cause of damage to electronics – whether from water, fire or electrical perils.  We carefully analyze each item at the component level and can quickly determine exact cause of damage.

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