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LCR Restoration and OmegaSonics are excited to announce that LCR Restoration will be their exclusive distributor in Arizona.


You never have to give up on an electronic component again!

The Omegasonics E Series Electronic Cleaning Stations, including the 2000E and 2300E models, are the electronic restoration industry’s most flexible pressure spray cabinet. They use a finely directed spray of de-ionized water with specialized detergents to successfully restore even electronics previously deemed non-salvageable. It removes contaminants and smoke residue and even INCREASES THE COMPONENTS’ CALIBRATION ACCURACY along the way. Financing Available!

1-2300E-Electronic-Spray-Cabinet   omega-verbiage

Get high performance for maximum results!

The Omega 6500E® unit takes less than 60 minutes for the internal air temperature to go from to 70°F to the unit’s optimum temperature of 120°F. It maintains fresh air exchange and deodorized air flow, opening pores in the electronic components to eliminate odors and dry thoroughly. It also has three adjustable shelves that make handling large items or a variety of small electronic components a snap.  Financing Available!

6500E-Drying-Chamber   omega-verbiage-6500-dryer

Omega 5200 Pre-Wash!

The Omega 5200 Pre-Wash provides a non-ultrasonic compliment to our popular Restoration Pro Line. Dual cartridge filtration with parallel opposed spray bars create a superior agitation action to gently remove heavy areas of soot and other contaminants from damaged surfaces. The filtration system also includes a triggered spray for increased pre-wash production. Unit includes a hinged lid.  Financing Available!

5200PW-Pre-Wash Omega-Verbiage-5200PW-Pre-Wash

Rinse Detail!

The LG Rinse-Detail Station provides users the ability to rinse off three (3) baskets in the sink at one time and stage three (3) additional baskets on the drainback countertop. The STD model allows for a total of four (4) baskets at any one time.  Financing Available!

SINK omega-verbiage-SINK

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